Cast Iron Steak

When you're looking to impress that special someone with your beef cooking skills, you might want to consider cooking in Cast Iron. Iron recreation You might also be looking for a new way to impress a dinner guest. That's easy to do when you have the best-tasting steaks on the market. A Cast Iron Steak is easy once you have it! And with the perfect cast iron frying pan pulling double-duty in the kitchen and finishing off on the grill, this super-food cooks up in under 30 minutes. Well, almost, because this steak recipe does not require much cooking, but rather just a simple dressing-up, because Valentine's day is soon to come. For that perfect steak, I found the sweetest substitute: Garlic mushrooms. They are not only delicious, but they are surprisingly good at hiding the flavors of the beef while adding their own unique flavor. In fact, you might even find yourself eating them while your steaks are cooking!


Cast Iron Steaks are one of those dishes where the preparation is all about flavor, not technique. I love how easy it is to prepare the meat and how quick it gets cooked on the grill. I've seen some folks who use a steak rub and some hot oil to dress up their steak. While that may be nice, the flavor is missing something important to bring out the flavors in a beef steak. Instead of the usual rub, I use onions powder.

It gives the steak a bit of an onion flavor, but not in a bad way. The onions have a very subtle onion flavor, so I don't overdo it and then sprinkle on some garlic powder for that final taste boost. You can easily add salt to the onions powder as well if you wish. If I'm using marinara sauce, I always like to top it with more oregano and fresh basil. For the sauce, I mix fresh lemon juice with olive oil, some parsley, and thyme. Steaks cooked on a grill are usually more tender than those cooked on a stovetop. You can add some of the marinara sauce to help give the steak that extra bit of flavor!

Sides and Compliments

I find that this Cast Iron Steak recipe is one of the easiest, most delicious and fast cooking recipes out there. When I'm having a party, I serve it cold, but in the summer, I serve it with shrimp or chicken. I'd give this Steak recipe a thumbs up. You will love this meal, whether you're hosting or trying it on for the first time. This steak recipe is also one of the simplest and quickest to make! It's a great appetizer or lunch meal. Cast image And when it's served cold, it's so easy to serve for a buffet. If you're having a family or friends over, this Cast Iron Steak Recipe will go down a storm! They'll be licking their plates! This is another favorite of mine, along with the Grilled Chicken and Cabbage. When I make a meal, I like to start with a steak, then move onto a variety of vegetables and a side dish such as rice. Then, as the day goes on, I can change my mind and make another salad for an afternoon snack. The only problem with this recipe is that I do add butter to the steaks that I cook. The reason is that I'm used to the texture of real steak. After a while, it seems to take longer to cook them than the others. So, I have to do it, but I love the taste. I love the way it makes me feel! I love cooking this Steak recipe for my family.